About LBP communication

You know your business better than anyone else and how improved communication can lift your performance. This is where we can partner with you so you can concentrate on your business.

LBP communication works hard to gain total insight into your requirements in order to design and implement an effective two-way radio solution.

We have extensive experience with portable (handheld), base station and mobile vehicle radio systems. Our experience covers the older analogue/digital systems and the newer Global Systems Mobile (GSM) technology. GSM radios can be used to communicate throughout South Africa and into Sub-Saharan Africa.

GSM allows audio recording and track movements with GPS better quality and significantly improved security of your communications.

You can either purchase your system or rent it for a contracted period. Medium term rentals can be cost effective as it preserves your cash flow for other purposes. LBP communication will also maintain the rented equipment at no additional cost to you.

We know our clients need excellent technical support, so we operate a full workshop to quickly repair your equipment, ensuring continuity of your communication. We can arrange a technician to visit your premises to assist with problems you might be experiencing.

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