PTT technology is ideal for organizations that need to cost-effectively communicate with their employees on-site or on-the-go.

Offering the benefits of traditional two-way radio systems at the push of a button, our features include individual, group and broadcast calling with the added benefit of reliable digital voice intelligibility and robust handsets.

Our team of in-house software developers customize solutions to meet the specific needs of our end users.

We are completely independent of third-party platforms and their potential security risks. We have several backup servers in South Africa and abroad and our software developed in South Africa is now used in many countries around the world.


PTT switches a mobile radio from full-duplex mode, in which both parties can hear each other at the same time, to half-duplex mode, in which only one party can talk while the other listens. The participant who pressed the PTT button has the floor until the PTT button is released.

The operation of the phone when used in PTT mode is very similar to the two-way communication achieved with "walkie-talkies" or other two-way radios.

The main difference between a regular cellular call and a PTT call is that users connect quickly due to the one-to-one relationship established by the service provider. However, several participants can be involved in a conversation, similar to professional radio use.

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