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LBP communication is a two-way radio dealership, specialising in communications, based in Edenvale, Gauteng. 

BP communication works hard to gain total insight into our clients' requirements in order to design and implement an effective two-way radio solution.

LBP communication deals with suppliers and manufacturers of quality radios, antennae systems and other components in order to ensure that we deliver outstanding service of the highest quality.

What is a walkie-talkie used for?

They're designed primarily for short-range communications, in which groups of people are within a few miles of each other. Businesses use walkie-talkies so that employees can chat efficiently in and around their indoor and outdoor structures.

Benefits of Two-Way Radios

Enhanced Communication Clarity.

Highly Durable.

Cost Effective and Wide-Spread Communication.

Ease of Use.

Lightweight Models.

Instantaneous Communication.

Group Functionality.

Long Battery Life.

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